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Make the most of your lighting plan by working with our experienced electrical team.

When it comes to creating the perfect mood in your house, lighting is a critical component that sometimes goes overlooked. The appropriate lighting may make all the difference when it comes to setting the tone, but creating the right plan involves more than just picking out fixtures. It requires an experienced team of electricians to assist with planning, problem solving, and more. The good news is that our team at Genesis Electric can help homeowners and contractors working on new builds to ensure the right lighting plans are in place.

Lighting in Muskoka, Ontario

Imagine entering a room filled with warm, soothing light after a long day at work. You immediately get a sense of warmth and relaxation. That is the wonder of well-planned lighting. Ambient, task, and accent lighting can all be intelligently blended to create different moods and atmospheres in a home. In addition, the right lighting plan highlights the home’s architecture, whether it’s showcasing exposed beams, complex mouldings, or a gorgeous fireplace.

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In addition to aesthetics, lighting plays an important role in improving the functionality of various areas of the home. Proper illumination in workspaces such as kitchens, home offices, and workshops is critical for increasing productivity and decreasing eye strain. Similarly, appropriate lighting in bathrooms and closets is required for chores such as grooming and wardrobe selection.

Our team understands the complexities of lighting design, from fixture location to bulb selection for maximum brightness and colour temperature. We can also assist with technical aspects such as wiring needs and energy efficiency, ensuring your lighting design is not just attractive, but also functional and sustainable.

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At the end of the day, lighting is a powerful design feature that may greatly influence the appearance, feel, and functioning of your Muskoka, Ontario home. Working with our team ensures your lighting design not only satisfies your aesthetic tastes, but also improves your home’s overall functionality and environment. Contact us today to learn more.